Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smiling Planet - promoting peace

In this day and age, where the world can seem quite mad, and there are constant threats around, we need to stop and listen to the simple messages when we come across them. Smiling Planet is one of those little companies that just make you happy with their great products which come with lovely messages. This eco-friendly, mankind friendly business make wonderful earth friendly products for kids, with cute slogans that don't preach, just remind.

I love their t-shirts which state "all the world is wonder full, let's make her smile" featuring an illustrated chain of friendly people and critters around the globe.

Their earth friendly plates contain no BPA, no phthalates, no lead and no toxic inks. Perfect for feeding our precious little earthlings from. They all have cute slogans, my favourite being "make your mother happy" even though they are probably referring to Mother Earth, I'll take all the help I can at meal times!

Smiling Planet have an admirable business concept, with a peaceful, responsible approach to the earth and those who inhabit it. I am no 'greenie' by any stretch, but was moved by this business and its products, and highly recommend you visit their website also! Using their products helps us all in the end, and isn't that what humanity should be about?

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  1. What beautiful products, yes they do make a difference, I smiled!!