Monday, April 18, 2011

What is your inner voice telling you?

The person we are to become is often evident from an early age. Without realising it, we often pursue the interests which shape our later life. As a child I loved my Mum's magazines, Vogue Living, House & Garden, etc. On slow weekends with not much to do, I would take these magazines and scour them for pictures of rooms/objects which I loved, cut out these pictures and design my perfect home. Strange for a young girl? Perhaps, but I loved this past-time! So, I guess I have always had an interest in interior style/colour/design, and that coupled with the time spent in my grandparents soft furnishing business, has probably led me to the work I do today. It hasn't always been obvious to me, it has taken some years for me to find what fulfills me - but thinking back on my childhood memories, it was kind of screaming out at me!

Just lately I have started doing the modern version of cutting pictures out of magazines, which is saving images I love from sites I stumble across! I love seeing how people put rooms together, the colours and textures used, the overall 'feel' of a room. Here are some lovely images which you might enjoy too.

My final message : Listen to your inner voice, it knows you better than anyone.