Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dobbin and Drum - Brisbane Toy makers!

Dobbin and Drum are a Brisbane based, family-run creative force, whose beautiful range of Teepees, Hobby Horses, Drums, etc are proudly designed and made with "soul and substance". Their aim is to stimulate the imaginations of our children by offering products which inspire creative play and laughter. I think we all played cowboys and indians in our backyards as kids, hours of endless fun, providing lasting memories of the good times shared with siblings and neighbourhood friends.

Dobbin and Drum are committed to responsible use of the world's resources, because they believe the future of our kids and the environment really does matter. They use natural fibres, robust construction, and pleasing appearances to make their products last the generations.

Visit their website at for a closer look at the delights within. All their products come in a wonderful range of colours and styles, with optional extras - well worth a good look around!

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