Friday, May 15, 2009

Zooni - gorgeous baby hats

These adorable "Mop Top Hats" are high on my list of favourite things! They are somewhat wild and woolly from the front view, with an adorable animal from the back view! Never has your child looked so good while running away from you! With names like "Chunkee Monkee" shown top left, and "Panda Monium" or "Puppy Love" shown top right, plus "Leo the Lion", and many more - you are sure to find the right hat for your little wild thing.

Based in San Francisco, Zooni is a children's accessories business which specialises in unique, handmade hats, mittens, and 3D socks. Each design in their Mop Top Hats, M'uppet Mittens, and ConFEETI 3D socks lines is one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to turn heads. Each product is handmade or hand-detailed from high quality materials for maximum style and function.

If your little darling doesn't fancy a wild animal on her head, then there are some gorgeous "Flower Power" hats which will keep her head warm, and be oh so stylish for winter.

Visit for their full catalogue - you are sure to fall in love with these products!

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