Monday, May 4, 2009

Hubas - Handcrafted 'cuddlies' for kids!

The internet is a wonderful place, it opens our eyes to so many products and services which we otherwise might never know existed.  Hubas is one of those online stores which I came across, and am forever happy I found!

Hubas creates a gorgeous and colourful range of children's accessories, just screaming out to be hugged and played with by our little ones.  There are four styles of Creature Cushions, "Oskar the Fish", "Berta the Bird", "Franz the Cockerel", and "Thea the Mouse".  The Creature Cushions are all generously proportioned, the perfect soft armful for a kiddy cuddle!  So cute and stylish, using a lovely mix of colour and pattern - choose the one which best suits your child.

Then there are the squeezable Pet Pouches, wonderful snuggly bedtime companions which can be filled with favourite things.  "A peer belly to be proud of" is their catchphrase!  Such is the cuteness of "Doris the Elephant" and "Walter the Dog" - they will become treasured childhood possessions.

Hubas is based in the UK, and will ship worldwide.  Each sale contributes to the children's charity Childline.  

Go to  for a better look at these delightful critters!

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