Friday, April 10, 2009

Personalised products from Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple offers all things personalised for kids.  Children just love to see their name emblazoned across their things, and this also has great benefit to us parents - no squabbles over who owns what, or tears over lost possessions!    

Everything is handmade in Australia, with great attention to detail and workmanship.  These products make wonderful gifts for your own kids, and for their friends.

There are gorgeous appliqued pillowcases (shown left), in your choice of pillowcase colour and name colour.  Waterproof swimming/library bags (shown centre)  in choices of colours - my kids have these and they are so handy!  And these placemats (right) are delightful and come in a wonderful selection of colours and styles, better still they are easily wiped clean after a messy meal!  

Raspberry Ripple is a great place to shop online, with endless options in personalised products for all ages, and even the pets get a look in!  

Visit for a closer inspection - be warned, it is addictive!


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