Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Princess Ratbag - the ultimate girly pettiskirt!

Princess Ratbag has the most gorgeous pettiskirts imaginable!  Layers of femininity and fun, just perfect for twirling and swirling around the room feeling fabulous!  Founder, Candice Collier, says "Princess Ratbag" was inspired by her two girls - the Princess and the Ratbag!  The name says it all, and their range is fantastic.  "Princess Ratbag brings back girly glamour with a lovely modern twist."

Princess Ratbag is proudly Australian owned, designed and run - and is the first and only Australian pettiskirt label.  They've put an innovative twist on the ever-popular pettiskirt. My daughter just adores their whole collection, and would love to swan around in these frilly, frothy, glamorous skirts! 

Visit their online store at www.princessratbag.com - if only they made them to fit us ageing princesses who are young at heart!!


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