Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red Chair Interiors

It has been my pleasure to recently work with Georgie Oates of Red Chair Interiors. Georgie is an Interior Designer based in Tamworth NSW, and she services that area and its surrounding districts. Georgie loves to go on a mission for her clients in order to find unique and exciting products, products which they are not going to find in any other home close by. "It is all about hand picking the finer details for my clients that will complete their brief, over and above their expectations" says Georgie.

With this in mind, Georgie approached Little Light House about our "Flowers" -Hot Pink lampshade for a client's daughter. The bedlinen was lovely, yet it required something to give it the "Wow" factor. "Flowers" - Hot Pink with its gorgeous colours and silver detail was just the thing. Added to this was one of our new cushions, and as the photo below shows, she created a lovely bedroom for a lucky little girl.
Georgie can be contacted on M. 0427 428 244.

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