Monday, July 27, 2009

Frame it!

Our collection of lovely family photos is growing by the day, and yet I haven't framed or hung any of them around the house! I want to, I intend to, and now that I have found these gorgeous handmade timber frames - I will!!

LA based Obrien Schridde Designs specialise in designing and making beautiful picture frames, with that slightly time-worn, weathered look of an antique piece. The frames are romantic in design and reflect the Schridde's appreciation for time gone by. Available in seven different styles, they are all elegant, classic yet subtle in their beauty, and they frame photos in the loveliest way. "Timeless, distressed, romantic frames - each handmade with care."

The founders, Louise Obrien and Daniel Schridde, armed with a collection of gorgeous family photos, created these perfect frames worthy of showcasing your favourite family shots, frames which look wonderful grouped together, or as a statement piece in each room. Available in a range of soft hues and styles which yearn for a time gone by.

They do ship to Australia, so you can finally do justice to those expensive family photos, or the more relaxed happy snaps! Your friends will have "frame envy"!

Visit for a look around their gorgeous website.

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