Thursday, June 18, 2009

My new favourite fabric - "Butterfly"

Can you be in love with a fabric?? Ok, then I have really strong feelings for this gorgeous fabric for girls! Depicting colourful butterflies in various stages of flight, surrounded by lovely little flowers, I had to have it and now need to turn it into lampshades in order to bring it to you.

Because the butterflies are quite large, each lampshade will have one big butterfly and some pretty flowers - it will look so fresh and lovely in a little girl's room. We all know how much they adore butterflies!

But what to trim it with? Nothing too busy which would detract from this fabric's impact. I recently found some mini ric-rac in different shades of pink, and I think this frames the butterfly nicely.

Hey presto, here is the finished product, ready to brighten up her room!

New to Little Light House, you can view more information about this shade at

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